What are Outbound Links? Why and How  do I Use External Links?

What are Outbound Links? Why and How do I Use External Links?

  • 30 Jul 2019
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For a long time there have been questions surrounding outbound links that a lot of new webmasters have not grasped a good understanding of. Outbound links refer to the links to other sites or simply external links. It may be an affiliate link to a shopping website, another blog or even to a social media page of your website. 

Do you really need to have outbound links in your website? Whether or not you need outbound links is out of the question. At some point you must use external links. If your readers need them (and they most definitely do), they get them. Plus you may have other websites of your own and social media accounts, so eventually outbound links are must have in any website. But how do I use them? 

Now that the necessity of outbound links is clear, there is also the right way of using them. For starters, it is always a good practice to ensure all external links open in a new tab, so that when your visitor is done with the other site he/she can always return to where they left of in your website. It is what Facebook, Google and all this other big websites do. The second and most important is to ensure all external links are no-follow i.e ref="no-follow" in your href tag. Unless you intentionally want to pass some authority to the other website, make sure the no follow attribute is added to your anchor tags.