Top 10 Ways To Improve Traffic of Your Website

Top 10 Ways To Improve Traffic of Your Website

  • 30 Jun 2019
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Ranking top is the desire of every webmaster out there. More importantly having suitable traffic conversions is the end game for all website owners. Clearly, not just the amount of traffic but also the quality of traffic is what matters. It is not wise to buy traffic especially cheap ones since in the long run it would end up hurting rather than helping your site grow to its potential. 

In Summary, the best way to go is to organically create quality content that fits your audience, do SEO fitting search engines, comment and post on other blogs and other forums. Lastly but not the least share your articles and ideas widely on social media. Build a community of followers, and step by step you will see your website grow and income increasing. There is no shortcut about this, site growth is a process and you got to learn how to do it the right way. Below are some white hat practices to help your site grow. 

  1. Submit website to Google, Bing & Yahoo: Search engines constitute the highest number of traffic sources for most websites accounting to even over 80% for some sites. Let Google and other major search engines know about your website by submitting a sitemap (mostly an xml file containing links of web pages and objects such as images). Google crawls your site with the help of sitemap several times a day indexing web pages. 
  2. Write Quality Articles Regularly: The only way a blog can be active is if it gets fresh quality content from time to time. At worst ensure to have at least 4-5 articles on a weekly basis. An article should have at least 400 words, best articles range around 1200-2000 words. Readers loose interest with too long articles most of the times. Doing research about target audience (age, sex) helps identify what your audience expects from you. 
  3. Site structure and Organization: How you say something is just as important as the message you are passing across. Your website should be easy to navigate (To and from Homepage, Contact Us, About Us and Blog), easily understandable and neither being too fancy nor too dull. Each blog article should have links of related articles and top/latest articles. Ideally the homepage describes what the site is about. 
  4. Share on Social Media: As of 2019 there are at least 2.8 billion social media users in the world. It is estimated that by 2021 almost half of the world population will have social media accounts. Facebook has 2.38 billion registered users. Have an active social media page for your website. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a good place to start. Sharing your content on social media could account to 25% of the total traffic to your website. Linkedin bridges the social and business aspect of people, sharing business minded articles on linkedin could earn you some quality traffic. 
  5. Guest Posting: A lot of websites out there are willing to let other users write articles for them in exchange for a few links. As a webmaster guest posting does not only have the advantage of earning you referral traffic but also improving your website Authority. Domain Authority and Page Authority are measurements by Moz determined by the number and quality of backlinks. The more backlinks you have the higher PA and DA. Do follow links are of value than NoFollow links. Likewise allowing visitors to guest posts relevant articles can also increase your traffic.
  6. Forums Posting and Commenting Blogs: From time to time contribute to forums in your niche and articles of interest in sites that are related to yours. You may even get ideas of articles to write in your website to further explain a discussion or a point in another site. In your comment it will be natural to include a link to your site that is informative to members in that discussion or visitors of that site. This way you gain traffic and add juice to your domain authority. 
  7. Directory Submission & Business Listing: Submitting your website to be listed in directories of high PR is a great way of marketing your site. Customer review and Business review sites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber can also act as traffic sources. Google My Business potentially offers a platform for listing and allowing your website be reviewed by thousands of Google users. Businesses listed in Google have proved to gain more trust from the public than ordinary sites. 
  8. Email Subscriptions: Give your visitors an option of signing up to your newsletters. Weekly newsletters containing links to your website is a smart way of reminding your visitors to keep checking in for latest articles. Having hundreds to thousands in your subscription list is almost equivalent to the number of returning visitors and potential customers for that matter. 
  9. Monitor your competitors: Closely monitor what similar/related sites are doing. Outsmart your competitors by beating them in there own game. Read competitor posts and write yours adding points to what they are missing out. Copy pasting is one costly and grievous mistake you should never attempt. Outrank competitors by adding more value rather than using there hard-work for your own gain.
  10. Keyword research: With the right skill set in keyword research, carefully choosing keywords to use in articles more so in titles and meta descriptions could see you jump steps towards the first position in Google search. Strategically outweigh the keyword difficulty, search volume and keyword value when selecting titles for your articles. 

To top up Analytics data offered by tools such as Google Analytics, Quantcast, Similarweb and Alexa offer an instinctive way of identifying your weaknesses and strongholds. Through this data you can monitor your traffic locations, how fast or slow your web pages load, your top pages, related websites and keyword gaps. Once you identify the current status of your performance its time to up your game accordingly. 

In conclusion, it takes determination, patience and persistence to get your site from receiving 0 to thousands of visitors a day, this may take a month or even a year depending on your hard work. It takes even more time start earning substantial income from your site. Start from somewhere, build from there and learn from your mistakes. In no time, you will be self employed. I won't recommend spending money to advertise your website yet but once you start earning returns why not. Good luck!