The Cost of Developing and hosting A website

The Cost of Developing and hosting A website

So you want to go online either as a person, business, organization or company? If Yes, nice move. Here is a checklist to guide you on the requirements and how much it costs in each stage.

  • A website developer : if you have the skills to do it yourself, or have some basic tech skills you could head to wordpress and try to style up the already made templates to form a site. Even newbies can try to play around with builders such as wix to come up with a website. But for a professional look let the professionals do what they do best. The developer will charge anywhere between $100 and $500 or even more for most websites depending on the timeline and complexity of the project.
  • Choosing a domain: while the website is being developed, you need to go search for a domain name for your website. The name should be descriptive as your business/you/company, where possible. I recommend porkbun review as your domain seller since they are the most cheap and offer a simple straight forward domain management console. The domain should cost anything below $20 dollars.
  • Choosing a hosting server : normal cpanel hosting package starts at $24 dollars per annum at namecheap, Kenya web experts sell their lowest package at ksh.999. Would you choose to let the expert handle everything for you, then a negotiable price between you and the expert can be agreed on. For instance we would charge a ksh. 5000 /= ($50 dollars) to host and maintain your website for you annually.
  • Securing your website: securing your website with SSL (secure sockets layer) - ensures sensitive data sent by or to your customers is safe. An SSL would cost anywhere from $0 - $100 dollars depending on the type of certificate, they are of three types: Domain Validated certificates (DV), Organization Validated certificate (OV) and Extended Validation certificates (EV), EV being the most expensive.
  • SEO & Marketing : Once your website is live, optimizations need to be done in order for the website to get traffic and improve general site performance i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For business and enterprise needs marketing through advertising is deem necessary to improve brand appearance online or/and quicken customer acquisition through methods such as facebook ads, adsense, e.t.c. Marketing budget would vary diversely in comparison to the size of the firm in question. For starters lets say $50 dollars in each marketing agency and see how it goes.
  • Content building: Bill Gates once put it "Content is king", without content your audience would lack a reason to visit your website. Websites which stay for long without being updated tend to rank poorly in search engines especially google, needless to say winning google is winning the internet. Regular posting keeps your traffic in your website as you show a number of services that you offer. So ensure to post fresh content on a daily basis. If you are a writer then a plus for you, nevertheless hiring some well known writers out there could save you the time of researching and targeting your audience. Content writers usually charge starting at $2 per page depending on the niche.

So to sum this up: it would come to 3 categories:

Personal Website roughly $120 (ksh. 12000 ) negotiable

Business Websites: roughly $250 dollars

Corporate Websites : starting from $500 dollars.