The Best and Cheapest Domain Seller - Registrar Review

The Best and Cheapest Domain Seller - Registrar Review

When it comes to buying a domain, price is one popular factor especially if you are going for a number of domains. In our review, we look at porkbun and compare this upcoming registrar with the well known registrars.

While most registrars claim to be selling domains at the cheapest prices, there renewal prices depict the exact opposite. Porkbun offers the most competitive price rates and even charge less for the most common TLDs.

  • .com at $8.84
  • .net at $9.78
  • .org at $10.72

Other reasons that make porkbun the best choice to go for is the simple yet powerful domain management console offered. they also offer free a few clicks install SSL certificates for all domains. All domains are accompanied by free Whois guard by default. was chosen out of our CEO's domain portfolio, it's fun, playful and a delicious Chinese treat! Porkbun is owned by Top Level Design, the registry behind .design, .wiki and .ink. Porkbun was originally built the registrar so that they could have a place to directly sell there TLDs, but it has since evolved to sell all kinds of domains. Porkbun founder is Ray King, who founded Snapnames and AboutUs and the CTO is Owen Borseth, who helped built up Porkbun charges a $1 markup on most non-premium domains (after CC and ICANN fees). The exceptions being .com/.net/.org that have no markup fees.

Since namecheap is not cheap as it sounds anymore, why not taste and see porkbun, it worked for me, it will sure work for you too.