SEO detective Tools and Tips

SEO detective Tools and Tips

  • 28 Jul 2019
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For every webmaster, SEO is a very crucial area to master. Bloggers who write articles like 'how to increase traffic without SEO' are actually misleading. SEO detective tools provide a means for checking whether you are in the right track in your SEO game. SEO detective tips gives you a clue of what to do to be at the top of your league. The good book says "where there is no vision people perish", similarly failing to abide by some SEO hacks and tricks you would end up doomed. Denzel Washington says “Dreams without goals, are just dreams and they ultimately fuel disappointment.” Why get disappointed when you could be enjoying the ride while earning at the same time. 


  • Google Webmaster & Google Analytics: Google provides the 101 class of SEO detective tools. In your road to mastery of SEO there is no skipping Google tools more so since Google is actually the giant of the Web and most of your traffic will eventually come through google search. The new Google webmaster (though I prefer the good old one) provides a means to detect SEO performance through clicks, click through rate(CTR) and position. Duration sessions, geographic locations, top pages and traffic source by Google analytics guides you towards focusing on the right content and the right audience. Once you have the facts on the table, next you have to fine tune your articles titles, descriptions, topics and of cos content to suit and captivate your target audience. 
  • Alexa Tools: Alexa is widely known for ranking of websites. What many fail to notice is that Alexa provides greats SEO detective tools. The free version of Alexa provides an overview of top keywords, keyword gaps, easy-to-rank keywords, optimization opportunities and buyer keywords. This gives a recap of where to start in your SEO tweaking. Alexa identifies at least 5 identical websites & competitors, monitering what they do gives you an upper hand to compete with them. However since Alexa does only estimation, to get the most out of it you have to buy the premium version and get your website verified for accurate and upto date results. Though expensive, every penny counts for a webmaster who is well acquainted with SEO principles. 
  • SEMrush: Semrush is a premium SEO detective tool specically meant for Search Engine Marketing. Similar to Alexa, the free version of Semrush gives a glimpse of traffic analysis, organic keyword performances and engagement rate. Ebay and Quora are among the top league perfomers using Semrush tools. You could sign up for a trial version of semrush tools to test your way through Semrush SEM & SEO seo detection tools before purchasing the full version.

Other SEO detective tools to look out for include:, , , seositecheckup among others. We are also in the process of developing a one in all SEO detective tool here at techpotter therefore stay tuned.


  • Target long tail keywords: While competition keeps increasing, get smarter by targeting lower competion keywords with almost the same relevance as the highly competitive ones. 
  • Make noise moderately (Build links): Shout out, let your presence known to the world by creating as many backlinks as possible. Do everything you can to get quality links: directory submissions, guest posting, forums & relevant topics commenting, link articles internally, share on social media etc. 
  • Be active: Dormant websites are just as well dead, write 4-5 articles on a weekly basis. Make Google your buddy, by checking in all the time with fresh content and I guarantee Google will return in kind with a tonne of traffic. 

Afraid of getting your hands dirty? You can always consult the experts. We are here for You.