Payoneer - Get Paid Easily and Faster from Amazon, etc with 25$ free bonus

Payoneer - Get Paid Easily and Faster from Amazon, etc with 25$ free bonus

Are you an amazon affiliate or any other marketer having a difficulty receiving your payment from companies such as Google, Walmart, Amazon, among others? Worry no more, Payoneer Global service payment has you covered. Payoneer allows you to receive payment in different currencies worldwide such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD & CNY*  and directly withdraw to your local bank in your local currency. Payoneer charges very small fee compared to other payment options namely cheque.

Taking for instance amazon, amazon affiliates can not get paid using Paypal since amazon does not offer such payment option. Amazon only offers 3 payment options i.e. Direct deposit (Only for US based Associates only), Payment by cheque and Gift Card. There are a lot of inconveniences using cheque option. The cheque takes long to arrive, may get lost or even may never be received at all (especially for Asian and African countries.) Paypal species direct deposit as available for only US associates, does this mean if You are not in United States you can't get paid? Not really. Payoneer has engineered special bank accounts for you in various countries including US, UK, Germany and China. This allows you to receive payments as if you are actually a citizen of those countries. We will discuss later how to change the payment option to Direct deposit using payoneer bank account details. For now let us go through the sign up process of payoneer.

  1. Click on this link to go to Payoneer sign up page Click Here (Nb. Be sure to use the specific link I provided, You get 25$ and I get 25$, a win win for both of us)
  2. Fill the sign up the form details i.e Individual or company details, contact details and security details.
  3. Next you need to wait a day or two for your account to be approved.
  4. After approval, you further need to provide your documents for verification. Mostly just a photo of your Id, this is a very important step. I once got a payment of 330$ from amazon cancelled since I had not provided my documents for this final step of verification.

After this you are all set and ready to start getting money. In the receive payment tab, click on Global payment service. Note the bank details of respective countries, the details to note include Bank Name, Routing (ABA), Account Number, Beneficiary Name. To get UK payments, you will use Euro bank account which required details are Bank Name, Bank Address, BIC, IBAN, Bank Country & beneficiary name.

Using amazon as an example, to change payment method, here is what you have to do.

  1. In account settings in affiliate program dashboard select change payment method
  2. Choose Pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only),
  3. Enter the details of bank equivalent to the country of Payoneer account.
  4. Choose the minimum amount to withdraw, the least you can withdraw is 10$.

Ensure you have also filled your Payee address correctly, payments are usually received within two weeks after they are sent.