Kilimall Affiliate Review

Kilimall Affiliate Review

Hi there, so you are finding alternatives to Jumia Affiliate, Great, I have been there too and will assure you there is no better place than Kilimall Affiliate, the second largest online shop in Kenya. Here is a quick review to get You started with Kilimall Affiliate Network.

Pros of Kilimall Affiliate Network

  1. Easy sign up process: The good thing about kilimall affiliate program is that anybody can sign up. Regardless of your country, the only requirements is that you must have a website and you will be good to go. Easy questions are asked during the sign up: campaign locations: Kenya, Uganda or Nigeria, Education level, niche, website Url etc.
  2. High conversion rates: Kilimall offers it's affiliate good conversion rates ranging between 2% and 8%. Referrals are also cached upto 30 days hence the affiliate gets commission if the customer purchases within this period. Kilimall anniversary as always attracts the best commissions for affiliates.
  3. Good conversions rates: Unlike Jumia affiliate which has a high number of rejected conversions, Kilimall has a higher percentage of successful conversions. This is likely be attributed to the organized delivery system especially in cases where vendors choose Fulfillment by Kilimall (FBK).
  4. Support : Promoting Kilimall products is made easy since each affiliate is assigned an Affiliate Manager. As an affiliate you can make inquiries to the manager directly and get assistance on how to improve sales.
  5. Simple interface: Kilimall offers simple but informative dashboard, well summarized and presented in an understandable manner.

Cons of Kilimall Affiliate Network

  1. Low product base: In comparison to Jumia, Kilimall has a lower product base. Not only does it limit consumers' purchase preferences. It also denies you as an affiliate the opportunity to review a larger niche which you may be more suitable for.
  2. Low commission rates for some niches: One major downside of Kilimall affiliate is low commission rates in some niches. Take for instance phones whose commission is at 2%, Jumia offers a better commission rate of 4% for all electronic products.

In conclusion, kilimall is a great affiliate Network to give it a try especially if you are dealing with electronics/apparel niche. If it does not work for you, continue trying while tweaking for better results. Remember, working as an affiliate is a matter of quality traffic and quality traffic comes from quality content. All the best.