Free Telekom Data Plus Across Net Calls

Free Telekom Data Plus Across Net Calls

Good news to Telekom customers, You can now watch, stream or download using unlimited data from telekom between 12:00 am to 6:00 am by purchasing 7Gb and 300 minutes across all networks monthly subscription for ksh. 999 only. This is a very big win for the customer, consider the 300 minutes talk time across any net, 5 good hours ( this alone would cost you ksh. 1200 if calling through safaricom i.e. 300*4). Addon to the 7 Gb data which is sufficient to most average users.

Telekom introduced free data to counteract the move by Safaricom to offer free whatsapp data. Stiff competition between telcos has also seen safaricom offer platinum packages, one such platinum package is the 12GB and 400 minutes monthly subscription for ksh. 2000 . Safaricom daily 2GB data costs ksh. 200 while Telekom 2Gb data costs ksh. 100. Aitel also offers competitive rates more cheaper than safaricom but slightly than Telekom. Airtel data review will be done in another day.

Here is how to get free telekom data:

  • Dial *544#
  • Select data bundles
  • Select 30 days data in the preceding menu.
  • Select the 7GB & 300 minutes plus free data

And you are done. Since we cannot ascertain how long this offer will last, it goes without saying that subscribe while offer still lasts.