Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya

Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya

Bulk Sms is a single sms send to multiple users at once. Bulk sms is very useful for organizations such as Schools, Churches, Chamas and Saccos since it simplifies conveying of message to stakeholders(parents, members, leaders) . Imagine using the custom sms app of your phone to send a message to 10,000 users, it will be very cumbersome if not practically impossible. Here are the advantages of using bulk sms customized applications to send sms:

  1. Speed - Bulk sms are powered by powerful systems which can send over 50 sms per second. Sending sms message to thousands of users only takes a few minutes, the recepients also receive the sms promptly.
  2. Message Scheduling: For convenience you can schedule messages to be sent at a particular time. For instance strategically timing when your consumers are most likely to be most receptive e.g. morning hours. With Sms scheduling your business continues to run even when you're not in office.
  3. Delivery Status: Statistics show that 90% of the sms sent are read within one hour from the time sent, unlike emails which might take a day or even more. This is because phones are more portable to carry around and also sms do not require data to be received.
  4. Personalize sms: with bulksms you can personalize the message sent with recipients initials/names and greetings e.g {Good Morning } {Miss} {Maureen} ....{Your message}
  5. Branding: A Sender Id which is the same name as your brand can be obtained such that the recipients automatically knows where the sms came from. Having a sender Id proves how established your business/organizatio is i.e. It is more professional to receive sms from organization's name rather than a personal number. The cost of sender Id ranges between (ksh. 8500 to ksh.10,000).

Here is a description of Bulk sms providers you will find in Kenya and East & West Africa:

  • Africastalking: Africastalking is Africa's most popular bulksms provider meant for developers. it is available in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mallawi. If you are an end user, you might consider skipping to the next provider. Africastalking offers an Api with which developers can make custom bulk sms applications. They offer a console where management of the application credentials is done, viewing analytics and receiving sms feedback and status. Sms packages are of the following packages. 0.8kshs per sms (1-1999 sms package), 0.7kes/sms (20,000- 99,999 sms package), 0.6kes/sms(100,000-399,999 sms package), 0.4kes/sms (over 400,000 sms package).
  • Sematime: sematime offers bulk sms service that targets schools. Sematime was established with the aim of informing parents on there child's progress in shool, i.e. exam results, fee payments, events and news. Sematime has a partner program in which partners earn commissions for referring schools. The system also offers an api for developers to integrate with there custom applications.
  • SmsLeopard: sms leopard develops custom applications based on user requirements, sending an inquiry to them with user requirements for them to come up with a model that will work for you.
  • Movesms: movesms charges ksh. 1 per sms to send sms. They have an already made system in which you sign up, purchase a sender Id and start sending sms to clients.
  • Techpotter Bulk Sms: techpotter Bulk sms is a custom made sms system to suit client needs. Our target group are schools, churches, saccos and chamas. We provide a system in which you can create a contact list with different groups. Example for the case of secondary schools, we have parents for form 1, 2, 3 and 4 . When sending sms you can select parents for form 4 students as recipient target. We outsource our api from africastalking and our prices are close/similar to theres (0.8 per sms and kes. 8500 for sender id). Our support is available 24/7 .

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