BeaconAds Review - A Christian AdNetwork Earnings Rates, Requirements & Reports In-depth Analysis

BeaconAds Review - A Christian AdNetwork Earnings Rates, Requirements & Reports In-depth Analysis

BeaconsAds is the most renown Christian Advertising network market place for both publishers and advertisers. Beacon ads is both a CPM and CPC adnewtork. Popular brands of premium publishers such as Blue Letter Bible, ChurchMag, Monergism, Best Commentaries, Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Cold Case Christianity and Bible Memory are just among the few of over 200 unique publishers found at beaconads. For those who have been searching for a Christian adnetwork, rest easy for your search has come to an end. Other notable alternatives include and but by far beaconads takes the lead. Here is an in-depth review of the features offered by BeaconAds. 

  • Payouts: When it comes to payments, beaconads is unbeatable. BeaconAds pays its' publishers every 2-3 days provided the bare minimum of 20USD has been reached. Min of $20 in every 2-3 days? Yes that is right! Incredible , with beaconAds gone are the days when you had to wait for Net45 days to mature. The low payouts is also ideal for new publishers. Payments can be made via paypal or check.
  • Bundled Ads (Ad-Bundles): BeaconAds has an automated selection criteria in which similar ads are placed together and sold as a unit. This simplifies and saves time of the advertisers when selecting ad zones to buy and also promotes sales for the publishers. Handpicked professional ad-bundles are also available to ensure the best ad units are bundled together.
  • Inventory: The publisher has complete control over the ad zones i.e. determination of prices of ad units sizes based on CPM rates or fixed 30 days is fully determined by the owner. The only downside is that once an ad-unit has been purchased, to change the price of ongoing sales one has to contact the account manager, so that he/she can inform the advertiser of the change in price.
  • Self-serve Advertising: Due to the high demand of some ad-zones, BeaconAds has introduced self-serve direct in which advertisers can book for ad-zones in advance. Once approved and the creatives have been uploaded, ads go live automatically as scheduled.
  • Intuitive Interface: BeaconAds offers a straight forward easy to understand and operate kind of dashboard for both advertisers and publishers. Creating an ad-zone is as easy as pie. Depositing into your account and buying ad-zones also easy peasy. Reporting of earnings and performance on a daily basis and even all time history is very conclusive i.e CTR, CPM and eCPM rates. 
  • Dual Platforms: Beacon Ad Network has been divided into 2 categories to better serve its audience. The legacy Marketplace features 230+ Christian blogs & sites. Perfect for more tightly defined campaigns targeting niche Christian audiences. Offers both CPM & Monthly Sponsorship. The New Self-Serve Direct portal offers simple access to ad inventory on flagship Christian sites. Featuring larger Christian audiences & impression avails, sold on a CPM basis.
  • Commission Rates: With all the juicy features offered by beaconads there must be a catch somewhere. You guessed it right, BeaconAds charges 15% to 30% commission for every ad-zone sale made through its' network. Though I find the rate to be a bit high, this is acceptable because of the exemplary service they provide. 

Publisher Requirements:

  • Only Christian Websites agencies and advertisers can sell or buy ads in this network. If your website is a non-christian based, try BuySellAds Network which has as partnership with BeaconAds and accepts a whole variety of websites. 
  • Sufficient content and traffic is required to be accepted into the network as a publisher. Traffic is not a major requirement, however how else would you promote or even earn without traffic.
  • Websites with infringing or adult content are unlikely to be accepted. 

In overall, 9/10 rating to this network. Highly recommended by TechPotter for all Christian Websites desiring to monetize or promote there product/brand/