5 Powerful Ways to Optimise Your Magento-Built eCommerce Store

5 Powerful Ways to Optimise Your Magento-Built eCommerce Store

In this eCommerce-driven world, online merchants are looking for making their eCommerce websites more visible, search-engine optimised and conversion-focussed. Needless to say, the more visible your website is, the more are your chances to get conversions. Thus, it is highly crucial to use a powerful eCommerce platform which, can bring more scalability, customisation and flexibility to your website. Adhering the same, Magento is the most recommended choice of developers and eCommerce marketers for building top-performing online stores.

Following here are some of the most effective Magento performance optimisation tips which, can boost online visibility of your eCommerce store and help it secure a higher rank in search engine results.

Server and Caching

You can enable browser caching and deploy gzip compression. You can store and retrieve the temporary data from multiple locations across a (CDN) Content Delivery Network. This, in turn, will help users to enjoy a high level of accessibility and availability of the site during the rush hours as well.

Hosting Environment

Optimising your online store greatly depends on how well you handle its online traffic. Thus, it is important to choose a server which, can handle the load of online traffic. Moreover, your need to choose a server, located near to the target audience.

Code Optimisation

You need to uninstall the unnecessary Apache or PHP modules which, you do not deploy and use the PHP accelerator. Try to find and check the loopholes of the code both for backend and front end. For maintaining the performance, you need to take care of code optimisation process as well.

Auto Scaling

Auto scaling is typically the allocation process that helps users in server resource scaling on the basis of traffic situation. During special occasions, especially on holiday seasons it is certain that your website will receive heavy traffic, however, with the help of auto scaling, you can get an extra server which, will help you in managing more traffic.

Merging the CSS and JavaScript Files

You must combine both CSS and JavaScript along with the help of advanced configuration which, is available in Magento admin. This, in turn, will decrease the loading time of website and moreover, the customers will become much more comfortable while browsing your website.

Final Word

There are many ways of optimising performance of your Magento-built online store. However, not all tips and tricks can meet the business requirements and workflow of every website. Thus, it is important to consult the leading Magento eCommerce development experts for developing an effective SEO strategy for your Magento store such that it can increase its online visibility and boost conversions.