5 Best phones to buy in Kenya under 15k Budget

5 Best phones to buy in Kenya under 15k Budget

A smartphone is a must have gadget for every literate person out there and not just any phone but a quality smartphone at an economy price. The smartphone should be fast, light, fancy and the battery capacity should sustain you for at least a day even with intensive usage. 

The aspects (specifications) to look at for are: size of ram, size of storage, screen size/display &/protection, battery capacity, connecivity (3G, 4G, 5G). Last but not the least, Never underestimate users rating, a phone could have good specs but with lots of bugs. Play safe by not being the first to rush to new phones in the market or too late when the phones are out of fashion. 

Here are the top phones we have singled out at techpotter as 2019 best economy phones to go for under Kes.15000. This phones can be found at jumia & be ordered for delivery to your doorstep right away. 

  1. Nokia 5.1 - This stylish and fancy phone is a top performer packed with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 5.8 HD display and a good battery capacity of 3060mAh. With the said specs, no other phone could beat kes. 10,999. ORDER NOKIA 5.1 .
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 6: a medium sized phone (5.45 screen display) that roars with a 2Ghz octa-core processor. 3GB RAM and an ample storage of 64GB. It comes with Oreo (android 8.1) installed. The 12MP main camera supported with a 5MP selfie camera surely will not dissappoint. 4GB RAM Redmi 6 is also available at an additional price of around kes.1500 . You can order this phone at kes. 12K. BUY REDMI 6 NOW from Jumia.
  3. Huawei Y7 prime: a 4G smartphone with maximized display of 6.26", 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Primary camera of 13MP and front camera of 2MP. The phone goes for 14K at jumia (ORDER HERE). The better version of Y7 prime that comes with 8MP+16MP camera and goes for kes. 15999.  BUY Y7 PRIME PLUS.
  4. Samsung Galaxy A20: From a reputable brand, Galaxy A20 is considerably affordable going between kes. 15.9k-18k. It gives a very large HD display of 6.4", quality 13MP camera, memory wise 3GB RAM runs smoothly for all kinds of apps & games. A 32GB storage is also an upside. BUY SAMSUNG GALAXY A20 HERE.
  5. Tecno Pouvior 2 LA7: When you need to be powered at all times then this is the kind of monster you go for. With a 5000mAh battery, Pouvoir 2 can last you for up to 3 days without plucking in to charge. Additionally being a 4G phone with an impressive RAM of 3GB, it is okay to buy the phone for 13k with only one catch of the phone being heavy (obviously due to the massive battery). BUY TECNO POUVIOR 2 HERE

Tip: When shopping online for goods from Jumia especially electronics you need to be flexible. While the list above can hold to be true for some time in 2019. Jumia keeps changing the prices in accordance with the law of demand and supply. Also, extremely highly demanded gadgets tend to run out of supply from time to time, therefore don't go shopping with a fixed mind. Rather, with an open mind you will end up buying some good stuff at a good price.